Tools the GM Used for World Creation

City Map Builder
A really cool free tool that you can also buy if you want better stuff. Create your own map, or the program will do it for you.

Custom Maps
Same thing as the other one, but different.

Generator of Things
Random generator for city names, character names, diseases, pretty much everything you can think of. And then some.

One Stop Shop for Rule Sets, Maps, and More
Most of the stuff you have to buy. But it has literally everything. And if you’re going to give your money to the economy, give it to people who deserve it.

Everything a GM Will Ever Need to Know
The most comprehensive and well written How-to-GM-and-Not-Suck blog available to anyone ever. Don’t read it if you don’t like internet yelling.

Episode Themes, and campaign audio credited here.

Tools the GM Used for World Creation

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