What We Know

A plague was created as an unintentional after-effect while attempting to cure a massive viral outbreak. The outbreak was linked to a chemical, DXK7, approved by the FDA and hailed as a miracle additive. It was said to increase the absorption of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients into the bloodstream. After a short time, it was added to most foods and a few large cities even decided to add it to their general water supply.

A few short weeks after implementation, terrible side effects were linked to the consumption of food and water with the additive DXK7. While it did increase vitamin absorption, it also opened the species pathway and allowed the rabies virus to be contracted by humans. These cases started as isolated incidents, but grew in number and frequency. Any food and water with the DXK7 additive was massively recalled, cleansed, and destroyed. The cases continued to grow. They had removed the cause, but the damage was done.

Soon, stories of the mutation hit the media, and the country went into a panic. There were police and CDC checkpoints at every freeway entrance and exit; air travel was restricted, and many schools and businesses elected to close indefinitely until the virus could be contained. Eventually, the President declared a state of Marshall Law. Travel of any kind was prohibited, local curfews were strictly enforced, morning and night. Food and water was controlled by the now militarized FDA. The government distributed breather masks and plastic suits. Pets were seized from their owners and never seen again. Some people would experience government doctors going door to door taking blood samples. Things continued like this all across the country for months. There seemed no end in sight for this new way of life.

Since all access to media was blocked upon declaration of Marshall Law, you owe knowledge of the following to a vigilante group who called themselves simply The Syndicate. They broadcast sensitive information about the DXK7 disaster for weeks until Event 0, when the broadcasts stopped.

The Syndicate claimed that DXK7 was not a health additive. It was an attempt by the government to create an entire nation of super soldiers. That attempt failed miserably and was hastily covered up as a human variation of the rabies virus. The virus did continue to mutate, and the government continued to fail to cure it. The extinction of the human race seemed only a matter of time. Then a promising anti-virus was developed. The first human trial was conducted on a human named Brittany Rush. Soon after inoculation, the facility and all of its staff was overrun by a group of violent rioters. The Syndicate claimed these rioters were in fact the medical personnel themselves, and they were traveling quickly and killing everyone they camp upon.

The last known broadcast by The Syndicate was simply:
“Don’t let them bite you, you won’t stay dead”.

What We Know

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